Solutions for organisations with large numbers of immovable assets

A typical client is an organisation owning or managing expansive immovable assets – land plots, buildings, technical networks, technological units.

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SAMO can support record keeping and management of immovable assets of the organisation.

Our solution is designed for organisations with a large number of buildings located over a wide area, from administrative centres, industrial plants, schools, hospitals, state institutions to owners of wide grounds. In addition to detailed asset record keeping, SAMO supports management – rental, leasing, maintenance, providing security, power consumption records etc.

An important element is the use of immovable asset records for real estate tax calculations including creation of tax returns and other payment/income related to real estate.

The system is designed as an open solution built on the newest technologies and international standards (XML, SOAP, Web Services etc.). Due to the wide possibilities of parameterisation, the system is able to adjust itself in accordance with the individual needs of the customer. As an element of implementation it can, according to the needs of the customer, be linked to other information systems used within the company (e.g. ERP, system for document management, existing GIS and facilities management, or other providers’ systems).


Complex solutionsfor immovable asset records with options for linking to maintenance
Creationof the “bible” database. Most administration organisations already operate some sort of record and information system. However, considering the scope of the problems, often concerning individual subsystems, which are not interlinked and are of various qualities
Quality assetand building documentation - essential for emergency and crisis management
Real estatetax calculation and processes connected to this on the basis of precise records with maximum speed with minimum costs
The ability to achievemore with less: efficiently manage risks associated with ageing infrastructure
Timely satisfactionof legal obligations minimizes risk of penalisations for the organisation


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