Evaluation of flood areas and other risks

SAMO enables verification of the flood zone directly when arranging insurance, quantifying the flood zone according to the standard risk of flood zones definition.

Our solution is interfaced directly to insurance contracting applications. When verifying the address point; it automatically evaluates the flood zone that appears as a number next to the client address.

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SAMO can also provide:

  • Spatial analysis showing claims and their amount in the particular area
  • Carto-diagrams showing the number and type of the insurance contracts in the area
  • Tool for analysis of insurance fraud (there are five insurance contracts in a particular area but only one client claims the damage etc.)
  • Crime frequency data
  • Data from the Statistical Office (unemployment, etc.).


Compliancewith legislative demands; efficient reporting for legislative and regulatory requirements
Efficient provision ofservices to external subjects in the 24x7 mode. SAMO can be integrated into the public portal systems
Off-linemode is possible
Possibilityto provide the functionality as a service (Software as a Service)
Possibility to use maps,which are usually provided free of charge via map servers that offer WMS service
Productivity increase- considerable automation of communication with customers, minimisation of operators‘ manual work during the contracting of the insurance


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