Advanced services for citizens

Municipalities, its local government and public administration are responsible for providing their residents with statutory basic services. The most important of these are social welfare and health, education and culture, the environment, and technical infrastructure.

iStock_000020926896_LargeSAMO can help them provide sustainable services to their citizens while maintaining their assets in a cost effective manner.

Our systems can help to local government and public administrations manage electronic communication between citizens and city offices. SAMO can help municipalities provide comfortable, time saving and cost effective communication for residents with their local administration.

Our solution can be an essential tool for rational decision making and planning of municipal development in areas such as land use decision making, management of utility lines or analyses of different data sets. Its main contribution is the combination of graphical data with the database. SAMO enables better cost reduction decision making for short- and long-term capital planning and resource allocation.


Complete Asset Registry:Inventory of an organisation's assets, including related (in connection with the ERP system), financial condition, and user-defined data. Track asset amortisation, adjustments, lifecycle, condition, risk, and other important metrics for managing and maintaining tangible capital assets
Compliancewith legislative demands; efficient reporting for legislative and regulatory requirements
Increase the effectivenessof municipal office's digital services (citizens can process the application in an electronic form via their computer)
Predict and manageincreased demand for services and infrastructure. Manage citizen’s satisfaction with the reliability of services and infrastructure. Main objectives of SAM are to meet service level demands, optimise investment and proactively manage risk
The ability to achievemore with less: efficiently manage risks associated with ageing infrastructure
Unifying and optimisingprocesses. Providing support for the setting up of processes and data exchange standards


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