Sharing the costs of building electronic communications networks

Our solution can serve as one of the cornerstones in the development of high-speed Internet access networks.

iStock_000024209757_FullThe main purpose of SAMO is to gather and provide information about passive infrastructure suitable for the construction and operation of, in particular, next generation access networks (NGA).

Managers of telecommunication infrastructure are constantly under pressure to deliver superior customer service and good reliability of their supplies whilst at simultaneously reducing operating costs and optimising investment

Our offer can also provide information on the planned construction nationwide, especially planned construction, which is suitable for sharing costs of building passive infrastructure for electronic communications networks.

SAMO could also be an efficient governmental agency tool for address targeted subsidies for the construction of NGA networks.


Fulfil and efficientlyreport regulatory requirements
Predict and manageincreased demand for services and infrastructure. Manage citizen’s satisfaction with the reliability of services and infrastructure
The ability to achievemore with less: efficiently manage risks associated with ageing infrastructure


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