Support for transport infrastructure managers

The aim of organisations, which manage transport infrastructure is to offer carriers a high quality and safe service in all respects.

SAMO is designed to support transport infrastructure managers by the monitoring of the current traffic situation, it provides for management of traffic via telematics equipment and provides traffic information via signs, sending RDS-TMC and the Internet. Our solution also supports planning, management and checks on the performance of maintenance work on given sections and highway equipment. SAMO is the cornerstone of the Smart City ICT infrastructure.iStock_000057425390_Large

Our systems can help operators of transport infrastructure by monitoring and management of safe traffic operations, management of transport network maintenance, monitoring traffic route quality of, etc.

SAMO also supports institutions within an integrated rescue system by connecting traffic telematic systems to integrated state rescue systems and safety systems, ensuring better reaction when resolving emergencies, accidents, improved prevention of extraordinary events with environmental impacts, etc.


A modern systemfor supporting management, operation and maintenance of traffic networks which allows the network operator central and uninterrupted supervision of the traffic situation on network sections
Communicatewith other applications, e.g. in terms of an integrated rescue system and thus increase the efficiency of organising actions when dealing with emergencies and accidents etc
Creationof the “bible” database. Most administration organisations already operate some sort of record and information system. However, considering the scope of the problems, often concerning individual subsystems, which are not interlinked and are of various qualities
Ensure effectiveplanning and management of maintenance work on equipment and sections of the highway network
The possibilityto provide traffic information to drivers with the aid of information reports about weather conditions, traffic density and road conditions
To support trafficmanagement and optimised highway operations considering various factors therefore increasing the traffic fluency, performance and safety


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