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Asseco Geoportal (AG Portal) brings new capabilities to the area of portal solutions and Internet thanks to the use of data and functions of Geographical Information Systems.

AGPOur process oriented solution provides simple, automated, problem free and secure communication with both external subjects and internal users. It supports the processes, workflow and activities where your own or external geodata can be utilised, or processes where the data is to be published or provided.

AG Portal components can be seamlessly integrated into corporate portal solutions. Maps, technical drawings, diagrams and photo maps significantly enhance and ease understanding and manageability. The representation of data in maps, e.g. the results of processing tasks in the field of business intelligence, provide the user with a substantially higher utility value as a result of an incomparably higher informative power as opposed to usual data reports.

AG Portal can be also utilised to support processes and activities related to the taking over data and services from providers, and conversely, to the process of providing data and services to the public and registered users, including the legally compliant provision of data and services against payment. AG Portal provides appropriate solutions for efficient communication between public administration, public agencies, companies and customers as implementations of eGovernment processes.


Additional Motivation to Implement AG Portal based Solution

A notable motivation for the implementation of Geoportal is also the European Commission initiative INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe), which specifies the general rules for establishing a European spatial data infrastructure to support environmental policies. According to this directive, spatial data must be provided by:

  • Administrative authorities and other state organisational bodies and organs of territorial self-governmental bodies,
  • Legal or natural persons operating within public administration, activities related directly or indirectly to the environment,
  • Legal or natural persons entitled by the above-mentioned mandatory providers to provide services affecting the environment,
  • Municipalities – only if instructed to do so by a special directive.

AG Portal therefore serves as transformation layer to provide INSPIRE-compliant data and services.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Main benefits

Competitiveadvantage through support for process standardisation
Customer-friendlyservice provision based on 24/7 availability and central self-service offerings
Ensures compliancewith agreed response times even with high user numbers, including efficient monitoring of service quality
Fulfilling dataprovisions for public legislative requirements
Increased productivitythrough automation of internal and external communications while minimising the manual work required of parties involved with the effect of reducing process costs and speeding up of throughput cycles


use of data and functions of GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS
secure communication with EXTERNAL SUBJECTS and INTERNAL USERS
INTEGRATION into the corporate portal solutions
support of processes and activities related to the TAKING OVER DATA
appropriate solutions for EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION
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