eDocu Information System & Social Network of Things


Information System & Social Network of Things

Public lightingeDocu, one of the youngest member of the Asseco Central Europe group, is a software company with its top product „Internet of Every Thing”. The attention focus are objects, which are linked with information via iTags (QR, NFC, BLE). eDocu develops cloud SaaS for easy access to information on  the object. It is very suitable for small to medium companies (Smart Company) or cities and municipalities (Smart City) – without the necessity to create their own IT departments with costly equipment and specialists. eDocu serves large companies just as well since they have many critical objects and machines they need to keep in line, as far as proper documentation is concerned (Facility management).

The information system can be accessed anytime, from anywhere and it is easy to find or record information. The main goal is to develop extraordinary solutions for everyday needs and help create order in information through intuitive system.


Detailed information about product eDocu you can find on website eDocu.sk.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

Main benefits

24/7 accessto all information via iTags (QR, NFC, BLE, GPS) or web
All informationand processes available right on the spot in one system
An excellentcost/benefit ratio
Increase productand service ordering
Keep directrelationship with customer
No needfor expensive proprietary IT equipment
Process interconnectivity— more people can work on different process steps simultaneously
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