TOMS Technical Operational and Maintenance System


Technical Operational and Maintenance System

TOMS is a technical information system included in the class of systems referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). TOMS supports the process of maintenance, operations, planning and construction of assets (typically distribution networks).

TOMS_planning_areas_documents_of_constructionTOMS is closely connected to an asset registry and asset documentation database. TOMS extends these records with data about “events” (faults, planned maintenance …). TOMS is designed to support the core business processes of asset management companies. Subsequently, it forms a foundation to continuously: reduce costs for development, construction and maintenance, decrease the waiting time for repairs and outage duration, minimise losses caused by termination of medium supply, and provide options to optimise corporate resources and reserves.

TOMS covers full asset lifecycles – from management of requests, planning, design, and construction to maintenance and operations. TOMS capabilities can be effectively enhanced through integration with the spatially oriented database of assets (GIS LIDS) and mobile solutions for management of field workers WFMS.

TOMS provides support for an asset manager’s development departments in the processes of planning investments regarding construction or refurbishment, and assessment and resolution of customer requests and complaints.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Main benefits

Complyingwith legislative demands (statements for the regulatory office, reports on power cuts, monitoring the supply, termination, duration, ensuring customer connection to the network ,...)
Corporate resourceand reserves optimisation
Customer service improvement(outages and repairs, Call Centre support, requests processing, issuing statements and support for complaint handling)
Keeping records/historyof service actions carried out on technical record objects
Minimising oflosses caused by termination of medium or service supply
Reduced costsfor development, construction and maintenance
Reduced waiting timesfor repairs and outage duration
Support for the definitionand compliance with maintenance standards (preventive, reliability centred (RCM), event-driven, predictive maintenance). Implementation of an efficient technical work-order structure with connection to ERP
Unifying and optimisingworking procedures. Implementation of an operations management system in compliance with ISO 55000 Asset Management


covering the support to the ENTIRE CYCLE of WORK
REGISTERING defects and planning work for CLEARING defects
designing TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS for construction
support for TIME SHEETS
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