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SAMO Workforce Workforce

SAMO Workforce


Flexible Work Management


The effective and high quality management of workforces is a key for successful and efficient organization. The purpose of the Work management (WM) module is optimization of all available human and equipment resources and required activities effectivelly, with enough flexibility to address changing conditions.

The module capabilities support workforce related activities like collecting request, request acceptance, resource planning, material reservation, semi/automated generation of work plans, distributing information to workers, support to mobile crew with related documentation (incl. off-line situations), dispatcher to crew communication and reports about fulfilled tasks (incl. hours spent, material and mechanization used).

All functionalities are encapsulated in one dispatcher environment.

The WM module has available an extension for mobile devices, which helps you optimally and effectively manage in-the-field workers. You can deliver immeditately needed information, changes or priority requests as well as collect time logging, vehicle expenses or material reservation or consumption.

The Work management module is ready to support any kind of request created across maintenance, operations or construction activities and deliver it to proper work force team or a single employee.


Main Benefits

  • One application for everything – Workforce module covers all steps from submitting work request, its planning, resources assignment, support for field force on-site, incl. feedback after execution.
  • Transparency – immediate status overview of faults and customer appointments, current information about status of work on all central working places.
  • Reduced labor costs by better utilization of workforces in the field.
  • Increased efficience with proper planning of workforce routes.
  • Reduction of set-up and idle times for mobile crews – start “from home office,” less meeting/idle times
  • Information provision through flexible backend integration to central management systems like ERP, GIS and other.
  • Flexibility to react on changing conditions of daily agenda as well as market, legal or technology demands.



COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION with a wide range of effective tools
EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT of workers in the field
immediate access to important information
decrease direct costs
improvement of customer service
REMOVAL of ineffective paper document circulation


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