WFMS Workforce Mobile Solution


Workforce Mobile Solution

The Workforce Management Mobile Information System (WFMS) is a starting point for effective and high quality management in services and organisations which use service actions, work orders, inspections, meter readings and maintenance.

Screenshot_2016-04-07-14-01-35WFMS is a comprehensive solution offering a wide range of effective tools, which help you optimally and effectively manage in-the-field workers, gain immediate access to important information, decrease direct costs and substantially improve your customer service. WFMS allows removal of ineffective paper document circulation, introducing an effective model for electronic management of work and document circulation and have at your disposal – fast and precise information about the course of service care provided in the field. Thus, also time logging, vehicle expenses, material reservation & consumption and access to maps and object information is mobile enabled.

With WFMS, the workforce management app for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, you will work productively and efficiently regardless of online or offline.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Main benefits

Availablefor smartphones and tablets
Data provisionand transfer without media fragmentation through flexible backend integration to central management systems GIS, BIS, ERP
Easy multi-touchuse based on the latest technology
Enduring increasedproductivity, fast ROI (increased productivity on average of about 27% achieved)
One applicationfor everything - providing all necessary information in one application: jobs, facilities, checklists, extends
Optimising journeytimes by visualising locations and navigation support
Reduction of set-upand idle times for mobile crews - start "from home office," less Meeting/idle times
Standardisationthrough harmonising of procedures - across companies, for multiple utility types, networks, facilities, metering and special tasks
Synchronisationof the work between mobile units and the centralised disposition/dispatching
Transfer of managementresponsibilities from the department/based planning towards central controlling or disposition/dispatching
Transparency- improvement in control of faults and customer appointments, current information about status of work on all central working places


COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION with a wide range of effective tools
EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT of workers in the field
immediate access to important information
decrease direct costs
improvement of customer service
removal of ineffective paper document circulation
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