Administrative processes support of the 21st century

SAMO AIS is the platform module to support public administration processes. The available functionality can be configured to support all processes of daily or strategic agendas of the public administration. It covers entering requests, evaluation workflows, notification services, analyzing data, adding spatial content, collecting comments and making decisions, which became published automatically in accordance with local legislation.

All functionality is based on metadata descriptions, therefore local administrators can update or establish new templates or processes as needed. With the integration possibilities SAMO AIS also helps to eliminate data redundancy and minimizes needed data flow.

SAMO AIS is ready to be integrated to other public administration systems, use open data from different resources like central or federal public administation registers (cadastre, citizens, commercial entitites, …) and publish all information in required form and time.

SAMO AIS can be successfully used by local, central or federal authority of any kind, from small municipality to ministries with country wide responsibility.

SAMO AIS is the way, how to built and sustain effective e-government of the country and bring immediate value to the users and citizens.

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Main benefits

Logical and effective circulation of information in government/municipality units at the local and the central level.

Uniform operations of government/municipality units according to the defined processes.

Effective synergy in communication with public through SAMO Portal.

Easy access to government/municipality data in one environment.

Clear responsibility for assigned tasks.

Integration of government/municipality data.

Access of citizens and businesses to e-government information and services from various media (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet).

Increased openness, transparency, and accountability of public administrations.

Easy to use clients for mobile, web and desktop
Use SAMO AIS on all your devices


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