Comprehensive enterprise asset management

SAMO EAM is a technical information system included in the class of systems referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

SAMO EAM supports the process of maintenance, operations, planning and construction for large assets owners and operators.

SAMO EAM is closely connected to an asset registry and asset documentation database. It  extends these records with data about “events” (faults, planned maintenance …).

SAMO EAM is designed to support the core business processes of asset management companies. Subsequently, it forms a foundation to continuously reduce costs for development, construction and maintenance, decrease the waiting time for repairs and outage duration, minimize losses caused by termination of medium supply, and provide options to optimize corporate resources and reserves.

SAMO EAM covers full asset lifecycle – from management of requests, planning, design and construction or refurbishment, maintenance to dismantling and replacing. It also serves operations and maintenance departments to plan regular and make best estimates of proper timing of tasks in predictive as well as in reliability centered maintenance. It also helps significantly during resolution of customer requests and complaints.


SAMO EAM capabilities can be effectively enhanced through integration with the other SAMO solutions like spatially oriented database of assets, GIS solution SAMO LIDS or work management SAMO Workforce.

Improve your daily business
Main benefits

Transparency to operated/owned assets and its status - complex documentation, incl. tools to capture and update data.

Increased productivity – focus on business logic and workflow to share right information in right time.

Flexible integration by applying industry standards using transparent methodologies and best practises.

Advanced asset management using tools for simulations of different scenarios on the future health status of assets.

Semi-/automated rule based notifications and decisions – starting point for artificial intelligence.

Regulatory compliance and customer experience – monitor and report operations quality, support entrepreneurial action.

CAPEX and OPEX optimization - proper planning, predictive estimations and just-in-time maintenance execution with interconnection of technical and economical data.

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