SAMO Portal

SAMO Portal

Customer centered framework for processes and geospatial data

SAMO Portal represents a modern process oriented technology for implementation of customer centered portals, mobile and integration solutions. SAMO Portal offers tools for standardizing and automating company processes, for efficient monitoring of these processes and providing services in the 24×7 mode resulting in significant cost savings.

SAMO Portal automatizes various activities in public administration and commercial sectors. The focus on processes brings high advantages in bi-directional communication with customers, external subjects and for publication of various types of data to the public, to authorities and/or to registered users.

One of the highly competitive advantages is a natural use of geographical data in the portal solution. Examples for portal solutions cover processes such as issuing statements regarding network existence, publishing regional analytical source data, providing data on current infrastructure status, managing service requests and more.

Examples for realized portal contents are:

  • Network connection requests
  • Commissioning requests
  • Requests on the existence of networks/digging requests
  • Digital technical maps data downloads
  • Faults/outages information
  • Statistical office portal
  • Social insurance citizen portal

Improve your daily business
Main benefits

Effective way of one- or two-way communication.

Guided navigation through the process optimized for one-time-users.

Collecting requests in structured form - ready for automated processing.

Uniformed management of processes - covering the whole workflow and form of outputs.

24x7 on duty – serve everyone from everywhere or provide POS/kiosk solutions.

Compliance with regulatory/legal requirements to post information regularly.

Easy to use clients for mobile, web and desktop
Use SAMO Portal on all your devices

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