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Agriculture, forestry and landuse management

Effective administration in agriculture and forestry

The state, along well private owners, must fulfil a number of obligations and responsibilities in the management of agricultural land and forests, while complying with rules. Therefore, they are processing a wide range of agendas and provide them with related documents.

Most agenda works with data on the regions and can utilise information support systems for working with spatial data to your benefit – geographic information system for agriculture and forestry.

State and private entities are using the spatial data (map data): which ensure an increase in efficiency in terms of organization, promotion and monitoring compliance with the obligations under the above agenda.

With SAMO users receive a comprehensive and unified spatial database solution for geographic analysis, mapping the creation of specialised reports and preparation of base maps for individual agendas, dealing with the problems of agricultural and forestry management.

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Main benefits

Broad spectrum of tools and functions for capturing, updating and checking data, batch data input, data analysis.

Improving customer service – processing requests, issuing of statements and support for handling complaints.

Compliance with legislative demands; efficient reporting for legislative and regulatory requirements.

Efficient provision of services to external subjects in 24x7 mode.

Unifying and optimizing processes. Providing support for the setting up of processes and data exchange standards.

Considerable automation of communication with customers.

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