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Public sector – Central authorities and local government 

Power to provide information to the public sector

Our offer is built around special technical solutions for public offices managing a broad landscape (cadastre, agriculture, forests, rivers etc.).

SAMO provides simple, automated, problem free and safe communication with external subjects and internal users. Our system can be integrated into portal solutions. It supports the processes and activities where client’s own or external geodata can be utilised, or processes where the data is to be published or provided.

The representation of data in the map provides the user with a significantly better utility value thanks to an incomparably higher informative power as opposed to the usual data reports. For example air quality can be presented in a very illustrative manner on a map, where the colour of the area corresponds to the measured values of air quality in the location.

SAMO supports processes and activities related to the taking over of data and services from providers and, vice versa, to the process of providing data and services to the public and registered users, including provision of data and services against payment.

Our solution also serves communication inside public administration. SAMO is able to satisfy the implementation of rules from the European directive INSPIRE. (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe), which specifies the general rules for establishing a European spatial data infrastructure to support environmental policies.

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Asset Register
Facility Management

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Main benefits

Broad spectrum of tools and functions for capturing, updating and checking data, batch data input, data analysis.

Improving customer service – processing requests, issuing of statements and support for handling complaints.

Compliance with legislative demands, efficient reporting for legislative and regulatory requirements.

Efficient provision of services to external subjects in 24x7 mode. SAMO can be integrated into other public portal systems.

Productivity increase - considerable automatisation of communication with the public, minimisation of operators‘ manual work providing internal cost savings.

Unifying and optimizing processes. Providing support for setting up processes and data exchange standards.

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