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Smart City – Municipalities

Smart services to citizens and visitors

The smart city is the organization, which knows its assets and use technology smartly to serve its citizens and visitors.

Smart city is formed by its users, which becomes from citizens, visitors, but also from public administration. Each of these groups has its needs, aspirations and priorities and influence or even creates the city functions and living standard, urban environment. And this urban environment, living standard comes from various components – built and un-built areas, city infrastructure and systems, which connect all together.

One of the primary objectives of a smart city is focus on residents and visitors, to create physical locations for interactions that support innovation, art, culture, and economic activity. Residents today consider the availability of important resources, a high level of safety, a quality environment as granted. At the time of the digital revolution, however, the possibility of people’s involvement in influencing the running of the city, on-line access to information and on-line communication with the authorities becomes a matter of course.

SAMO is here to help public administration to deliver proper services and information to all involved stake holders at the right time.

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Main benefits

Information collection and exchange – inputs from the public and/or IoT technology.

Problems anticipation and minimization of their impacts – predictions.

Coordination of resources for effective and rapid response to problems.

The economic and environmental behavior.

Optimization of public services activities.

Effective public administration.

Enable involvement of the citizens.

IoT integration and open data.

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