GIS, mapping & surveying

Comprehensive documentation of real world objects

Geospatial oriented maps are the best way to show information in a straight and interactive way, whether it brings information about the population, city property or roadways and infrastructure.

SAMO`s GIS, mapping and surveying capabilities help you to create, collect, store, manage, analyse and distribute all kinds of geospatial as well as semantical data and information.

The visualization of the information in spatial contexts helps to make better and smarter business decisions. It opens minds and brings new views on “classical” topics. All in all it helps all users to organize work related to real world objects. You get enabled to plan, optimize, approve and execute all needed activities in most economical order and in shortest time.

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Easy and efficient data capturing.

Mobile mapping online/offline.

Combine GIS consistency with CAD functions.

Flexible data exchange.

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