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Selected references

Agencja Restrukturyzacji i Modernizacji Rolnictwa (ARiMR)

SAMO technology supports ARiMR processes for requests collection, its evaluation and execution of the EU subsidies to the agricultural sector in Poland.

Basler & Hofmann AG

Basler & Hofmann is an independent engineering, planning and consulting company based in Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Slovakia, Germany, Italy and Singapore. Basler & Hofmann has an excellent SAMO LIDS expertise, an extensive experience in the implementation and operation of systems for the collection, management and monitoring of facility information (electricity, telecommunications, water, gas, district heating and wastewater) and has successfully implemented various migration projects. Basler & Hofmann & Asseco Switzerland have been working together successfully for many years.

Brno water company (BVK)

BVK represents a large group of users of SAMO technologies in the field of documentation (GIS) of the water distribution and sewerage network as an important tool for asset management.

In addition to GIS, a portal for statements about network existence has recently been launched.

Czech Mining Office (CBU)

As of 1 January 2020, the CBU deployed a new agenda system built on SAMO to manage its agendas in the area of supervision of mining activities, activities carried out in a mining manner, handling of explosives, fire protection in the underground and ensuring the safe condition of underground facilities.

ENNI Energie & Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH

The German energy supplier uses the operative asset management system TOMS for planning, construction, maintenance, fault/outage processes.

In addition they use SAMO LIDS for the documentation of the supply networks (electricity, gas, water, district heating) and SAMO Portal as an online portal for network and digging requests.

Kanton Aargau

The Civil Engineering Department of the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland uses SAMO LIDS for the documentation of operational and safety installations in public spaces, on highways and roads. With this newly created register (cadastre), the change from plan-based data (PDF, CAD, TIFF raster data) to complete GIS data was implemented. In a second project, the initial data migration was completed. It included the complete digitization of the approx. 1900 raster/vector plans of all construction sites of the last 50 years.

Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke

Electricity supply company based in Liechtenstein which uses SAMO LIDS for network documentation for the whole state infrastructure.


Network operator based in Nuremberg using TOMS as an operative asset management system for planning, construction, maintenance, fault/outage processes (SAMO EAM is currently in progress) and SAMO Portal as an online portal for network and digging requests.

Prague Gas Distribution (PPDas)

Prague Gas Distribution is a major user of SAMO technologies which serve as an operational and technical information system (TOMS), support for mobile work crews (WFMS), a portal for statements on the course of networks and connection requests.

All solutions are a stable, integrated part of the entire PPDas information solution.

Teplárny Brno, a.s.

One of the largest heating companies in the Czech Republic is a long-term user of SAMO technologies. These are, for example, GIS solutions, operational and technical information system, maintenance management and other modules in the area of the distribution network.

Since 2021, SAMO modules have also been introduced in the field of heat production.

Škoda Auto a.s.

Škoda AUTO a.s. uses a geographical information system (GIS) for its manufacture plants documentation and asset management support which enable an easy access to important information, unified registration, updating and sharing. SAMO LIDS was choosen and implemented in 1996. It reliably serves from that time, the data are continuously enriched and updated, additional functionality is developed and the solution is integrated with another company systems (e.g. SAP).

Synthos S.A.

Synthos S.A., a petrochemical company in Central Bohemia, deployed GIS based on SAMO LIDS technologies as one of the strategic tools for asset management in 1997. The solution is highly appreciated and has been introduced in the parent organization Synthos in Poland.

Technische Werke Ludwigshafen am Rhein AG

TWL is a utility company using the operative asset management system TOMS for planning, construction, maintenance, fault/outage processes.

Furthermore, they use SAMO LIDS for the documentation of utility networks (electricity, gas, water, district heating, street lighting, telecommunications) and SAMO Portal as an online portal for network connections, list of installers, digging requests, faults and construction sites information.

The Regional Authority of the Olomouc Region

The Olomouc Region is the operator of the Regional Spatial Planning Portal, which provides complete records of spatial planning documentation (ÚPD) of the region and municipalities, and especially records and administration of spatial analysis documents (ÚAP). An integral part are also GIS tools for the creation and maintenance of ÚAP and Map Portal containing layers of ÚAP, ÚPD and providing Georeporty service for generating information about the technical infrastructure on the affected plots.

SAMO LIDS technology has been the basic platform for GIS tools and the Map Portal since 2013.

The State Land Office of the Czech Republic (SLO)

The NAIS, an agenda system, built on the SAMO platform, solves all tasks of the SPU CR (SLO), including state-owned real estate management, administration and transfers of agricultural land and the agenda of church restitutions. The system also includes integrations to the surrounding systems operated in the SPU CR (SLO).

An integral part of the SAMO Platform are tools enabling work with spatial data, which include the collection, analysis, registration and display of this data. The planned intention of the project is to incorporate GIS functionality into the NAIS system.

The Surveying and Mapping Authority

The Surveying and Mapping Authority is responsible for creating a digital geographical model of the territory of the Czech Republic – ZABAGED®, from which medium-scale state map works are subsequently created, and which is an important source of information for the INSPIRE data structure.
SAMO technology has been used as the backbone system of ZABAGED since 2006.

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