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Comprehensive information in support of managers in industrial areas

Asset and Facility managers of industrial grounds, plants and buildings are constantly under pressure to deliver superior customer service and good reliability of their supplies whilst at simultaneously reducing operating costs and optimising investment.

SAMO provides comprehensive information to support activities in the operation and maintenance of on-site facilities.

In addition to detailed record keeping of assets, the system supports management process – rental, leasing, maintenance, providing security, power consumption records etc.

An important element is the use of immovable asset records for real estate tax calculations including creation of tax returns and other payment/income related to real estate.

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Available solution offerings

Asset Register
Facility Management
Asset Services

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Main benefits

Manage customer’s satisfaction connected to the reliability of the service.

Meet service level demands, optimise investments and proactively manage risks.

The ability to achieve more with less: efficiently manage risks associated with ageing infrastructure.

Quality asset and building documentation - essential for emergency and crisis management.

Efficiently report legislative and regulatory requirements. Timely satisfaction of legal obligations minimises risk of penalisation for the organisation.

Complex and precise immovable asset records can be utilised for dealing with suppliers (eg. cleaning, electrical maintenance).

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