SAMO Strategic Asset Management & Operations


Strategic Asset Management & Operations

Managers of large infrastructure assets are constantly under pressure to deliver superior customer service and good reliability of their supplies whilst at simultaneously reducing operating costs and optimising investment.

Asset management systems are now receiving much more data about their equipment via meters, sensors and other intelligent devices. This comprehensive data enables strategic asset management. Our modular solutions are based on software that can combine and make sense of all this information.

We at Asseco CE have accumulated an abundance of experience from asset management systems to apply best practices to our solutions. After 27 years developing particular components of Enterprise Asset Management, we are proud to offer a comprehensive set of integrated software tools modularly assembled in a complex Strategic Asset Management & Operations (SAMO) system. We now have advanced analytics tools that help companies pinpoint the asset health index of every strategic piece of equipment:

  • To determine which of those assets are most critical to network operation
  • To know where to place maintenance operative expenses or capital investment for maximum benefit
  • To provide regulatory bodies with highly sophisticated reports that evidence which equipment needs to be replaced and when

Main benefits

Centralisationof distribution asset data
Compliancewith legislative demands (statements for regulatory offices, qualified predictions, long-term investment plans)
Increased decisionobjectivity through transparent methodologies and models
Interconnectionof technical and economic data
Reduced maintenancecosts - costs and expenses optimisation (OPEX and CAPEX)
Supportfor the simulation of different scenarios on the future development of assets
Unique basisfor the evaluation of the technical status of distribution assets relying on historical data and selected criteria


We provide you with support and answers to questions surrounding the optimal use of funds for maintenance, inspection, repair and investment projects.
Therefore we combine data from diverse sources into a solid basis for future analysis, simulations and reports.
The modularity of the system allows the incorporation of existing user applications into the target Asset Management solution or we can only implement certain modules.
SAMO individual modules can be easily integrated with other solutions to form a functional unit /e.g. with SAP solutions, different SCADA systems or EAM/.
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